Who we are

About us

Brazilian Content is a specialized, non-profit program, which aims to:

  • Facilitate new opportunities for co-production and export of Brazilian audiovisual content and new media;
  • Foster the internationalization of independent companies and institutions in the Brazilian audiovisual and new media sectors;
  • Promote independent Brazilian content on the global stage.

What we do

  • Organization of prospective missions and commercial missions
  • Press office in Brazil and abroad
  • International capacitation and trainings
  • Ads in international magazines
  • Market studies
  • Newsletters
  • Consulting for project development and distribution
  • International Capacitation Programs (PIC), such as PIC DOC, PIC New Formats, PIC Animation, Pocket PIC DOC and PIC Rio de Janeiro
  • Promotion of the Brazilian Content Catalogue, which contains information on projects and products from our member companies
  • Organization of the Brazilian presence at events abroad, with stands, meeting rooms and services