• What is Brazilian Content?
    Brazilian Content is a specialized, non-profit program that aims to facilitate new opportunities for co-production and export of Brazilian audiovisual content and new media, foster the internationalization of independent companies and institutions in the Brazilian audiovisual and new media sectors, and promote independent Brazilian content on the global stage. It is promoted by BRAVI.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member of Brazilian Content?
    Member companies have access to specialized consulting, better conditions for participation in events, access to market information, exclusive events and many other benefits. Contact us to learn more!
  • How can I become part of Brazilian Content?
    To become a member company of the project, you must contact the Brazilian Content team. We will give you all the details (benefits and current actions promoted by the project) and ask some questions about your company's interest in the international market (goals, previous experiences, closed deals, etc.). Your company must sign a Term of Agreement and fill out the Segmentation Form, two mandatory requirements to become part of the project.
  • What documents are required to participate in delegations and events promoted by Brazilian Content?
    To participate in an event promoted by Brazilian Content or in one of the project's delegations (be it in person or remotely), it is mandatory to send a signed Event Participation Agreement, guaranteeing that the company agrees and is aware of the participation conditions. Upon participation, the company must complete a post-event survey. This is a key tool to maintaining our database updated, which allows us to seek new opportunities and the best conditions of participation for our member companies.