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Have you ever noticed? Each popcorn is different, there is no popcorn like another, but everyone thinks it is tastier when they are all together in the same bag.Popcorn Movies is also like this.Cinema, advertising, brand content, animation, clips, shorts, documentaries, series, all formats you may imagine, in the same producer company. We like well done entertainment and job. Thus, we speak several languages. Over here, producers, directors, creative executives, coordinators and assistants pop up, each one with lots of knowledge and most importantly, experience and pleasure in what they do. Each proposition is unique, there are no equal projects and, together, they are forming a producer company that everyone loves. Just like popcorn.

Main Activities: Production,

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Tatiana Quintella


+55 (11) 7858-1633


Format: 1X100’

Target: Adult /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: The film investigates the creative process of actor and director Paulo Jose, in theater, movies and television.