Coração da Selva

Coração da Selva is a Brazilian Production Company from São Paulo, producing TV shows, feature films, transmedia content and docs since 2004. Our products are worldwide recognized, with more than 80 awards, including an Emmy and the International Prix Jeunesse. Our service embraces the development, production and post-productions of our content.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres: Drama, Reality Shows / Scripted Reality, Comedy, Kids & Youth, Suspense & Terror, XR,

Content Broadcasted In: Rede Globo (BR), FOX (BR/LATAM), ESPN (BR/LATAM), HBO (BR/LATAM), TV Cultura (BR).

Geórgia Costa Araújo

+55 (11) 98187-2676

Lucila Hertzriken

Condomínio Jaqueline

Comedy /

Format: 07 x 25'

Target: Adult /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: In a metropolitan Downtown, there is a unknown building called Jaqueline, an extraordinary place, where the most eccentric tenants live. Miss Maria Helena, the landlady, dies in every episode, causing a new condo meeting, to decide who will be the new landlord, or lady.

Pedro e Bianca

Comedy / Kids & Youth / Drama /

Format: 52 x 25´

Target: Kids / Teenagers /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: "Pedro & Bianca" shows the daily life of twins rather unusual: she is black and he is white. Both study at the same public school, live on the suburb of São Paulo, and face issues such as bullying, the desire to be popular and the first love.