Rachel do Valle - Gerente Executiva Brazilian Content

Rachel do Valle

Executive Manager


Rachel graduated in Journalism at PUC/SP, specializing in International Relations (USP/SP) and completing a Post-Graduation in Audiovisual Management at the University of Coruña (Spain). She is part of the Brazilian Content team since 2009, responsible, among other activities, for the organization of Brazilian delegations at events abroad and of international delegations at RioContentMarket/Rio2C. Before BRAVI, Rachel worked for three years with national and international audiovisual distribution at Elo Company, and for eight years in press companies, such as Rádio Eldorado, from the O Estado de S. Paulo group, and Editora Abril.
Ana Key Kapaz - Coordenadora Internacional Brazilian Content

Ana Key Kapaz

International Coordinator


Ana Key graduated in Film at FAAP and holds a Master’s Degree in Romance Studies from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany). She was graphic artist in various Brazilian audiovisual productions, having also worked at the coordination and international relations of many classical music festivals in Brazil and abroad. She is part of the Brazilian Content team since 2017 as a translator, and as international coordinator since 2019.
Flavia Kimi Muraoka - Coordenadora de Eventos Brazilian Content

Flavia Kimi Muraoka

Events Coordinator


Flávia graduated in Tourism Management by the Federal University of São Carlos and did a post-graduation in Business Administration and Events Organization at Senac, having worked for two years with corporate events at BERG Eventos e Negócios. She is part of the Brazilian Content team since 2015.


Mauro Garcia Executive President


Thiago Reis Institutional Coordinator


Lucas Soussumi Administrative and Financial Manager


Geovana Cypreste Projects Assistant


Juliana Bravo Projects Coordinator


Connie Araujo Administrative Assistant