Chocolate Filmes

Chocolate Filmes is a Brazilian production company focused on original feel-good content with an international appeal.

Main Activities: Post Production, Production,

Content Genres: Docs & Factual, Drama,

Content Broadcasted In: Sony Channel, Netflix, TNT Series

Rodrigo Bernardo

55 11 2655-1822

Thiago Andrade


MisMatches (DesEncuentros)

Comedy / Drama / Romance /

Format: 27'

Target: Adult / Teenagers / Tweens /

Project status: Completed

Synopsis: (Mis)Matches is a show about contemporary love stories. It offers a fresh look at the mishaps and coincidences that people go through when looking for - or accidentally stumbling upon - their soulmates. In each episode, we follow the (mis)match and romantic adventures of a different meant-to-be couple.

To be completed in: 2018

Broadcasted: TV Sony Channel LatAm

Maybe a Love Story

Comedy / Drama / Romance /

Format: 101'

Target: Adult / All ages / Teenagers /

Project status: Completed

Synopsis: Virgílio lives a controlled and organized routine until, after another day at the office, he listens to a disturbing message on his answering machine. It's Clara, breaking up with him. The problem is: He doesn't have a clue who is Clara and what happened. Except for Virgílio, everybody knew about his happy relationship. Now Virgilio has only one choice: to find this mysterious woman.

To be completed in: 2018