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Two Brazilian projects are selected for the pitching sessions at Sunny Side of the Doc

Two Brazilian projects have been selected for the pitching sessions at Sunny Side of the Doc. “Forest People”, from Duo2.tv, was selected for the Social and Human Interest Pitch. “Operation Pedro Pan”, from GrifaFilmes, competes in the History Pitch. Both production companies are going to the documentary market thattakes place between the 19th and 22nd of June in La Rochelle, France, with the delegation organized by Brazilian Content, the audiovisual content export project promoted by BRAVI in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

“Forest People” is a documentary about the legacy of Chico Mendes. The idea of Duo2.tv is to follow the daily lives of the SeringalCachoeiraresidents, where Chico grew up, revealing the unfoldings of the fight by one of the greatest Brazilian environmentalists. The project is in its production stage. The company already has an agreement with Globo Filmes for its release in cinemas and two further screenings on Globo News. They are also in contact with TV Brasil.

Apart from the film, the production company is investing in crossmedia content production and has plans for an app, a desktop platform with augmented reality (AR) and an exhibition. For the former two, Duo2.tv has won the The International Codevelopment Incentive from Spcine in collaboration with the Canada Media Fund.

“Operation Pedro Pan”, from GrifaFilmes, focuses on the departure of Cuban children to Miami between 1960 and 1962, amid the Cold War. The operation was secretly organized by the CIA, the Catholic Church and anti-Castro organizations. The documentary, which will be screened on Canal Curta!, intends to show how Cuban children were used in a geopolitical dispute. Journalist and writer Fernando Morais, author of “The Last Soldiers of the Cold War: The Story of the Cuban Five” and a Cuba expert, will be adviser for the film.
In 2016, also at Sunny Side of the Doc, GrifaFilmes won the Sonuma Archives Award with the documentary “1968 – the Awakening”, a co-production with Germany, France and Norway, which is still in pre-production.

The pitching session of “Forest People” takes place on June 19th and“Operation Pedro Pan” pitcheson the following day. Apart from Duo2.tv and GrifaFilmes, the Brazilian Content delegation for the Sunny Side of the Doc includes Canal Azul, Carmela Conteúdos, Cine Group, Fato. Feel Filmes, FM Produções, Indiana Produções, Marahu, Na Laje Filmes, Pequi Filmes andStory Productions.
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