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Brazil shows the strength of its animation industry at the Annecy Festival

The world’s largest animation festival is about to begin, and with it, the homage that Annecy will offer for the first time to Brazilian production. This unprecedented moment shows the strength of the country's animation and crowns the expansion that this industry has been going through. To get an idea, a survey of a specialized publication showed that, in 2017, the national animation had its best moment in 22 years, with the release of seven feature films and with the solid growth in the production of animated series, that went from 2 to 44 in the last ten years. In addition, the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund (FSA) has proved to be an important agent (and ally) for such expansion. Managed by the Ministry of Culture through Ancine (Brazilian Film Agency), the fund invested over R$ 109 million in this type of production, both for cinema and for TV, since 2007.
The presence of Brazilian producers and animators in various festivals and events around the world has grown and the content produced in the country has been frequently presented in special festivals, encouraged by the actions of the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil) and its partner entities. These movements did not go unnoticed by the organizers of Annecy. In the last four editions, delegations of between eight and ten companies have marked the Brazilian presence. In 2018, this number more than tripled and the group will be composed of 36 companies, all members of the Apex-Brasil partner projects with sector entities that promote exports of the audiovisual and music segments: Brazilian Content, Brazil Music Exchange, Cinema do Brasil and Film Brazil, which will act together in the Festival and Mifa, the Festival's market. The Brazilian space in the Mifa also grew: it went from 9sqm to 45sqm.
Eight national productions are nominated in five categories in this year's competitions - the feature film "Tito and the Birds", directed by Gustavo Steinberg, entered the official selection of the event. In the TV Films program, Copa Studio and Coala Filmes compete with the episodes "Eject Especial", from Jorel’s Brother, and "A Crazy Love’s Delirium" by Angeli the Killer, respectively; in the Commissioned Films category (advertising) the nominated films are The Exchange, DayOne "Sunshine" (co-production with the United States) and Leica "Everything in Black and White", all three from Vetor Zero / Lobo. The others are Guaxuma, a co-production with France, which competes in the short-film category, “Boy Transcoded from Phosphene”, selected for short off-limits, and “The Feather Pillow”, which competes in short-sighted.
Participating companies
Brazilian Content member companies: 2DLab, 44 Toons, Alopra Estúdio, Animact, Animaking, Belli Studio, Birdo, Chatrone, Coala Filmes, Combo Filmes, Consulado, Copa Studio, Estúdio Giz, Ghost Jack Entertainment, Helikon, LUVA, Mauricio de Sousa Produções, Movioca, Penguin Animation, Pulo do Gato Animação, PushStart, Red Studio Brasil, Split Studio, Tortuga Studios, TV Cultura, UM Filmes; Cinema do Brasil members: Anaya Produções Culturais, Bits Produções, Boulevard Filmes*, Carnaval Filmes, Elo Company*, Glaz Entretenimento*, Klaxon Cultura Audiovisual, Mar Filmes, Prieto Produções; Brasil Music Exchange members: Astrolábio Música e Multimídia*, Lab Fantasma, Valu Animation Studios*, Zappacadabra; and FilmBrazil members: Consulado*, LOBO and Spirit Animation - the companies marked with a * are also registered members of the Brazilian Content.
Going beyond the homages
Annecy will also have the presence of Brazilian panelists and an exclusive session on the country, the “Territory Focus”, which will feature the participation of producers and the president of Ancine, Christian de Castro.
Ruben Feffer, CEO of Ultrassom, company responsible for the original scores of Brazilian hits such as "Boy and the World" and "Guida", both awarded in past editions of Annecy, and for the soundtrack of "Tito and the Birds" will participate in the panel "When Music Animates". Celia Catunda, from Penguin Animation, producer responsible for "Earth to Luna" and "Fishtronaut", will also represent the country as a speaker on the panel “The "New" Territories of International Animation”. Fábio Yabu, author of "Sea Princesses", book that gave origin to a TV series with the same name in 2004, will be a jury in the "Shoot the book" pitch. Mateus de Paula Santos, partner and director of the production company Vetor Zero / Lobo, director of several awarded commissioned projects, will also be among the representatives of Brazil in the "Territory Focus".
On the agenda of the festival are shows by Brazilian bands that are part of the Brasil Music Exchange project and an exhibition organized by ABCA (Brazilian Animation Cinema Association) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture on the history of Brazilian animation. Special programs with Brazilian content curated by Anima Mundi, Brazil’s main animation festival, will also take place during the event. One of these programs theme will be Commissioned Films, advertising films, video clips and films made to order. Anima Mundi has selected 32 of these works produced in recent years.
Partners of Apex-Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ancine are also part of the Brazilian organizations that support the delegation this year.

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